Le Jack


Montreal based songwriter, musician and guitarist, Le Jack is a verstaile artist.
Trained in french conservatoire in classical guitar, Richard Filippe teaches him for 10 years both the subtelties of Sor, Bach and Vivaldi at days and the power of Keith Richard's riffs at night.

As a teenager, he joins the theater company "la clé des planches". He will keep from this experience a taste of writing and entertainment. During the 90s he produces, co-writes or leads monthly musical and humoristic shows for NX Television and Radio PI, and participates to many projects ("Restos du coeur" raise funding shows, writing, musical composition and arrangements for several singers).

In France he plays in many school bands before founding and leading PAF LE CHIEN during the 1990s. This rock band was acclaimed in the french student musical underground move and toured for two years, proposing its uplifting music in campus and universities, from France to Belgium. In 1996 he founded the band Amadablam and produced 2 albums in 1999 (« Des Mots ») and 2001 (« Plus j’aimais ») that received excellent critical and public feedback for an autoproduction, which allowed the band to tour in the well known mid sized concert places from Paris, and to open for Michael Jones.

Settled in Montreal, he met Carolyn-Fe and co-founded with her the blues band DD Swank and the band receives soon a very good reviews.
You may as well have heard the band's songs during many theater plays of the independant montrealer theater scene (“Almost Blue”, “’night, Mother”, “The Procrastin8r”..). In 2009 Le Jack gets a step further and is part of the cast of BENT, which received an excellent feedback

As a verstaile artist, feeling as a renaissance man, he likes to think that one can be accomplished and never complete. But without taking all of that too seriously.